The Ogglebogs Episode 9 An Ogglebog Birthday Animated Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 9 An Ogglebog Birthday Animated Cover Cover

An Ogglebog Birthday

“I’m trying to remember something,” said Rocco.

“What can it be?” asked Oddo. 

“What is it?” asked Blobbo.

They were all sitting at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain waiting for their Ogglecake breakfast.

“I’ve got a feeling it’s someone’s birthday today,” said Rocco and looked across the table at Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko.

Rocoo with his hand to his mouth with question marks above his head. The ogglebogs behind with candles on their heads.

“Not me,” said Blobbo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo. 

“Or me,” said Coco. 

“Nope,” said Twinko.

“It must be Pasto!” said Rocco.

Pasto came in with a tray of Ogglecakes.

“Happy birthday, Pasto,” said Rocco.

“What?” said Pasto, “I had my birthday ages ago and you got me a new red Oggball, remember?”

“Oh yes,” said Rocco, “I remember that now.”

“Eat your Ogglecake and have a good think, Rocco,” said Twinko.

“Yes, you might remember better when you’ve got a full tummy,” said Oddo.

“I always do,” said Blobbo.

“But, blazing bananas, if it’s someone’s birthday I must get them something!” said Rocco, “maybe after breakfast we can all go and find a nice birthday present?”

“Maybe we can have a picnic, too?’” said Blobbo.

“We’ll come with you,” said Twinko.

“Sounds like fun!” said Oddo. 

“Then you might remember whose birthday it is,” said Coco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo and flew off into the kitchen.

Not long afterwards Pasto came out with six little Oggleboxes with the name of every Ogglebog on the front.

“Come and get your picnic boxes!” said Pasto and handed one out to each Ogglebog.

They all set off down Bubble Mountain, past the Mushmallow Forest. Not far from Auntie Blibbo’s house, is Planet Ogg’s very best toyshop. 

The toyshop is called WhimWhams. And the toyshop-keepers are two Ogglebog twins called Whimmo and Whammo.

A little bell rang with a ting-a-ling sound as Rocco and friends went in. 

Behind the counter stood two long, thin, bright blue Ogglebogs that looked exactly the same as each other. They both had big, happy smiles on their faces.

Two blue identical ogglebogs wearing yellow aprons and red bowties behind a shop desk and till. Behind them are shelves of toys and a sign reading 'Whim Wham's'.

“Hello,” said Rocco, “which one of you is Whimmo and which one is Whammo?”

“Yes,” they both said at once.

“That’s silly,” said Coco. 

“I know,” said Whammo. Or it might have been Whimmo. 

“Sometimes we look in the mirror and we don’t know which is which,” said Whimmo. Or it might have been Whammo.

“Are you Whimmo or am I Whammo?” asked Whammo or it might have been Whimmo. Then the other one said, “I might be Whammo and you might be Whimmo,” and laughed, “sometimes it’s hard to remember.”  

Rocco said, “I forget things too, sometimes. I know it’s someone’s  birthday today but I don’t know who.”

“Can we have a look round the shop, please?” asked Coco.

“Of course you can,” said one of the toy-shopkeepers.

Rocco and the others looked all round the shop and saw plenty of fun toys. 

Twinko held up a big orange ball and said, “What about this?”

“That doesn’t seem quite right,” said Rocco.

Coco held up a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of Mushmallows and said, “What about this?”

“That doesn’t seem quite right, either,” said Rocco.

Beepo held up a little truck and said, “Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz?”

“Nope,” said Rocco.

Oddo held up a cute little doll and said, “What do you think?”

Rocco said, “I don’t think I’ll find anything that is quite right.”

The ogglebogs holding toys.

Whimmo, or it might have been Whammo came up and said, “What about some Ogg Curdler?”

“Ogg Curdler,” asked Rocco, “what’s that?”

“You can use it to paint things any colour you like. You get Mushmallow juice and mix it with bath custard and Ogg Curdler powder.” 

‘Wow,” said Rocco, “Ogg Curdler sounds perfect. If it was my birthday, that’s just what I’d like as a present!”

“A box of Ogg Curdler please,” said Whimmo to Whammo, or it might have been the other way round.

Whimmo or Whammo looked at the shelves and said, “Oh dear, it looks like we sold the last box only yesterday.”

“Oh, no, that’s a shame,” said Rocco, “now I don’t know what to do.”

“Shall we go now?” asked Blobbo, “I feel a bit hungry.”

Rocco thanked the toy-shopkeepers for their help and they all went outside.

“Well, at least we can have a picnic,” said Blobbo.

They found a nice place to sit under a big Mushmallow and opened their Oggleboxes.

The ogglebogs sat on a blanket below a large yellow mushmallow.

Soon they had eaten everything and Beepo said, “Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz.” 

“Yes, Beepo, we had better get back now,” said Rocco.

They went through the Mushmallow Forest and up Bubble Mountain and arrived at the Oggle Café.

They all went in through the door and suddenly Rocco stood still. He looked at a great big sign hanging on the wall that said, 'Happy Birthday, Rocco!'

“Is it my birthday, after all?” said Rocco.

Beepo flew off and came back with a parcel all wrapped up in sparkly paper.

“Really, my birthday?” asked Rocco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!”said Beepo.

“For me?” asked Rocco, “I can hardly believe it!”

They all sang “Happy Birthday to Rocco” as he was opening the parcel. And what should he find inside…but a box of Ogg Curdler.

“Just what I wanted!” said Rocco. 

Then Pasto came out from the kitchen with a special Oggle Birthday cake decorated with Oggleberries and candles. 

Rocco and friends wearing birthday hats. Rocco looks happy and a birthday cake with candles is in the middle of the table.

“Here we are,” said Pasto, “and there’s plates of oggwiches and special birthday Oggjelly!”

“Thank you everyone!” said Rocco, “I’m the luckiest Ogglebog on the whole of Planet Ogg to have friends like you. Thanks for remembering my birthday even when I forgot it!”

The End

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Benefits of reading The Ogglebogs - An Ogglebog Birthday

This short story covers the themes of friendship and kindness. An Ogglebog Birthday is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 3+.

Who are the main characters in The Ogglebogs - An Ogglebog Birthday

The main character in The Ogglebogs series is a friendly alien called Rocco. This is a fantasy story series set on Planet Ogg.