Bird Girl Sooper Books Story Cover

Bird Girl

Original rhyme    4-10 yrs    8 mins  •  4.9/5

Sit back, relax and enjoy our Bird Girl story and audiobook. Masterfully created by Sooper Books, the World’s No.1 Bedtime stories website. Or read our full collection of bookshop-quality bedtime stories

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Bird Girl

Kia was nine and lived with her mum and dad in a very small town. Most of the houses were grey and small and had tiny gardens where not many flowers grew.

She had only been at her new school for a few days so she hadn’t made any new friends yet.

Kia loved birds. All birds. Sometimes she wished that she had been a bird instead of a little girl. An old lady lived next door and Kia was so happy to help her out by feeding her budgerigar. 

Kia The Bird Girl - girl looking at bird

The old lady had some beautiful pictures of birds on the wall. Kia loved looking at them, wondering what their lives were like, how they sang, or even if they just squawked.

One day after school she was at the old lady’s house and she couldn’t take her eyes off a picture of a bird that looked like a large parrot with bright orange feathers under its wings.

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