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Chicken Licken Bedtime Story Animated Cover

The Chicken Licken Short Story & Audiobook

When out in the forest one day, an acorn falls on Chicken Lickens head. Can this mean the sky is falling down? Will he get to the King in time to warn him?

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Chicken Licken

Once upon a time, there was a farm in the country. Lots of different animals lived on the farm. They were all very happy.

But there was a certain chicken called Chicken Licken. Chicken Licken was not a happy chicken. Chicken Licken was a scaredy-cat. He was afraid of everything, even his own shadow!

One day, Chicken Licken went into the forest. He stopped by an old oak tree.

Suddenly, an acorn fell from the oak tree. The acorn hit Chicken Licken right on the head. Boink!

Chicken Licken with a large pink lump on his head. An acorn bouncing off his head. Stars and swirls in his eyes.

Chicken Licken didn’t see the acorn. He looked up at the blue sky, “Oh, no!” he said, “the sky must be falling.”

He ran around the tree, yelling, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! I must tell the King,” He hurried back to the farmyard.

Henny Penny was sitting by the hen house. She was minding her own business.

Chicken Licken running towards a white and purple hen house. Henny Penny Sat outside.

“Quickly, quickly!” yelled Chicken Licken.

“What’s the matter?” asked Henny Penny.

“The sky is falling!” yelled Chicken Licken.

“Oh no!” said Henny Penny, “what shall we do?”

“I’m gonna tell the King,” said Chicken Licken.

“Oooh, I’ll come too,” said Henny Penny.

They ran past the hen house and knocked right into Cocky Locky.

“Watch where you are going!” said Cocky Locky, “anyway, what’s the matter?”

Chicken Licken and Henny Penny talking to Cocky Locky who is sat weight lifting.

“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Licken.

“Oh no!” said Cocky Locky, “what are we going to do?”

“We are going to tell the King,” said Henny Penny.

“Oh I’d better come too,” said Cocky Locky.

They ran out of the farmyard. Soon, they reached the duck pond. Ducky Lucky was having a quiet swim.

“What’s the matter?” asked Ducky Lucky.

Chicken Licken, Henny Penny and Cocky Locky speaking to Ducky Lucky who is swimming on the pond.

“The sky is falling!” yelled Chicken Licken.

“Oh no!” said Ducky Lucky, “what are we going to do?”

“We are all off to tell the King,” said Cocky Locky.

“I’ll come too,” said Ducky Lucky.

They ran across the bridge. Then they came to the old barn. Goosey Loosey was sitting quietly on her nest.

Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky and Ducky Lucky speaking to Goosey Loosey is is sat on her next.

“What’s the matter?” asked Goosey Loosey.

“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Licken.

“Oh no!” said Goosey Loosey, “what shall we do?”

“We are going to tell the King,” said Ducky Lucky.

“I’ll come too,” said Goosey Loosey.

They ran past the barn. Then they ran into the field. Turkey Lurkey was having a happy peck at the ground.

“What’s the matter?” asked Turkey Lurkey.

Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Loosey speaking to Turkey Lurkey.

“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Licken.

“Oh no!” said Turkey Lurkey, “what shall we do?”

“We are off to tell the King,” said Goosey Loosey.

“I’ll come too,” said Turkey Lurkey.

Then they all ran through the field. Soon they came to the forest.

And there was Foxy Loxy.

“What’s the matter?” asked Foxy Loxy.

“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Licken.

Foxy Loxy didn’t believe the sky was falling. But he didn’t say anything.

“Oh, I know a secret shortcut,” said Foxy Loxy, with a smile on his face, “follow me!”

They all got to a little hill. On top of the little hill was an oak tree. And at the bottom of the little hill was a big hole.

“Down there,” said Foxy Loxy.

They all looked at the hole.

“Is this where the King lives?” asked Henny Penny.

“No, but it's where I live,” laughed Foxy Loxy, “and it’s where I’m going to gobble you all up!”

Everyone talking to a fox. The fox is holding a knife and fork and licking his lips.

“Who will tell the King the sky is falling?” cried Chicken Licken.

“Silly bird,” said Foxy Loxy, “the sky can’t fall.”

Right at that moment an acorn fell from the oak tree. It landed on Foxy Loxy’s head. Boink!

Foxy Loxy looked up in a daze. All he could see was the sky. “Oh no, the sky really is falling,” he said.

Now Foxy Loxy was scared. He ran straight down the hole and was never ever seen again.

The others had all seen the acorn fall on Foxy Loxy’s head.

Then, everybody looked at Chicken Licken.

“Are you sure the sky fell on your head?” they asked.

“Well, maybe it was just an acorn, after all,” said Chicken Licken.

They were all so cross they chased him all the way back to the farmyard!

Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey running away.

And the moral of that story is that you should never believe anything a silly chicken tells you!

The End

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Yes! You can read this modern retelling for free. Our story retellings closely follow the original storylines and add modern twists in the illustrations.

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You can choose to experience this story read aloud or you can read it yourself.

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