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Posh Rat Episode 7 Kittens Animated Cover

Posh Rat Story Series: Episode 7 - Kittens!

Kittens have entered the Underundergound and the rats are scared silly! Can Poshy and crew figure out how to safely return the young cats to their home?

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Cheesemarshal millionaire Finnicus Twitch slammed down the phone. 


“The UnderUnderground has been kittens!” Father Twitch shouted. “Rats are fainting in fear. This is not supposed to happen. We had an agreement with the cats! This could start the next cat and rat war! And I’m starting to feel like I’d be okay with that.”

Father twitch slams a red phone down and shakes his other fist.


“Father, don’t say that!” Posh Rat said. “They’re only kittens.  Surely it’s only an accident that they are in our tunnel. The Fish & Chips Truce is still in place.”

“Excuse me, excuse me,” said Barnaby Raisin, the mole. “What is the Fish & Chips Truce?”

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Benefits of reading Posh Rat - Kittens!

This short story covers the theme of identity. Kittens! is written and narrated in the first person. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old.

Who are the main characters in Posh Rat - Kittens!

The main character in the Posh Rat series is a rat called Pinkerton Barnes. Other characters in this episode include a cat and a mole. This is a fantasy story series set in an alternative London.