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Posh Rat Episode 10 Portrait Cover

The Posh Rat Story Series: Episode 10 - Tong-Tied!

When Father Twitch loses a beloved family object, Poshy, Barnes and Barnaby Raisin wind up exploring a new, mysterious world in search of it.

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Reginald “Posh Rat” Twitch strolled into the study of Twitch Mansion, where I was testing an invention with the help of my mole assistant, Barnaby.

“Ah, Poshy, you’re just in time! We’ve nearly perfected the GrappleDroneTM!” I reported.

Barnaby donned a pair of GrappleDroneTM goggles while I strapped a helmet covered in antennae to Barnaby’s head. Barnaby then lifted his arms, wiggled his hips and twirled.

A drone resembling a large mosquito lifted into the air and zoomed out of an open window.

Barnaby is wearing a green checked blazer and red troseurs with cream polka dots. He has a metal lookiing hat with antennas sticking out on his head and a headset over his eyes. A grey bug is hoovering next to him by a window.

“Remarkable!” shouted Poshy. “And Barnaby can control it from here, just by dancing?”

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