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Posh Rat Episode 5 A Mole In One Animated Cover

Posh Rat Story Series: Episode 5 - A Mole In One

Poshy generously shows a blind mole-in-need some mercy and he moves into the mansion. Things start mysteriously going missing! Could it be the new guest?

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A Mole In One

In the study of the Twitch Mansion, I strapped a new pair of  goggles onto the head of Reginald “Posh Rat” Twitch.

“When these goggles are finished, they’ll allow you to see in the dark better than any other rat,” I said. Poshy looked around the room through the goggles. 

Poshy wears a pair of green goggles. Barnes stands looking proud next to a work desk.

“Another fine PinkerTech™ gadget in the making, dear Barnes. Brilliant work.” My pink fur hid my blushing cheeks. 

The Twitch family’s butler knocked on the open study door. *Knock, knock* 

“Come in, Herman,” Poshy said. The thin butler wore a very large bow tie. “There is news of trouble at the Whiskersmith tube station.”

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Benefits of reading Posh Rat - A Mole In One

This short story covers the theme of identity. A Mole In One is written and narrated in the first person. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old.

Who are the main characters in Posh Rat - A Mole In One

The main character in the Posh Rat series is a rat called Pinkerton Barnes. This is a fantasy story series set in an alternative London.