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Animated Portrait Story cover Dumpling Episode 10 Pungle

The Dumpling Story Series: Episode 10 - Pungle!

Bonnie and Sylvie are recruited to play the strangest sport (with the biggest marshmallow!) ever. But can they beat the undefeated Bridgegator Brothers?

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Bonnie and Sylvie Fields finished most of their warm soy milk, and now they were snuggling under their blankets. 

“How about a bedtime story?” asked their mum.

Bonnie and Sylvie nodded excitedly. They loved it when she made up stories.

Bonnie and Sylvie are tucked into their beds. Their mum sits on the covers.

“This is a story about Petunia,” began their mum. “Once upon a time, there was a big bicycle race, and Petunia was determined to win it. She told all her friends that she was going to get the trophy. But two things were going to make it difficult for Petunia to win. The first was that Petunia didn’t know how to ride a bike. The second was that Petunia was a goat.”

Bonnie and Sylvie couldn’t wait to hear what would happen next with Petunia. But before their mother could continue…


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