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Dumpling Episode 9 When Cakes Need Caution Animated Cover

The Dumpling Story Series: Episode 9 - When Cakes Need Caution

When Whistlecrisp chips a tooth on a slice of rehearsal cake minutes before a Fluffland cake party, Bonnie must find out what’s going on, and quickly!

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When Cakes Need Caution

Bonnie and Sylvie were standing on top of Bonnie’s bed in their nightgowns pretending the bedroom floor was a sea full of dessert. They had made fishing poles out of wooden sticks and yarn, which had cardboard hooks with magnets attached to them. Scattered on the floor were cardboard shapes with magnets in them. The sisters had already caught a gluten-free cake slice and an almond-flour biscuit. 

Bonnie and Sylvie sit on Bonnies bed with fishing rods.

“I just need to catch that bottle of oat milk swimming by,” said Bonnie, “and then we can have a tea party on my bed!”

But Mum entered the bedroom saying, “Sorry, sweetbeans. Any more fishing will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s bedtime.”

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