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Monty Episode 8 The WhizzyWheeler Animated Cover

Monty Short Story & Audiobook Series: Episode 8 - The WhizzyWheeler

Monty’s cool new, motorised leg-wheel is more than he bargained for. In a nearly catastrophic run-in with Snort, Monty learns the saying, “buyer beware!”

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The WhizzyWheeler

“Okay, Monty. we’re filming,” said Plonk. The big, friendly hamster-monster had his video camera out. Plonk filmed his friend Monty, who sat at the small table in room number nine at the Gristling Inn Bed & Breakfast. Monty peeled the tape off a package with the logo on the side.

“Hello! This is Monty here. I’ve got my new WhizzyWheeler™ leg-wheel I ordered from” Plonk kept filming as Monty pulled out the shiny new wheel and held it up to the camera.

Monty pulls a new wheel out of a box. The image looks like a camera viewer.

“I’ll be able to do everything way faster with this one,” Monty’s face lit up. “It also has a shock-absorber, three different speeds and a cool wrist-remote to control it!”

Monty removed his old leg-wheel and made a show of throwing it into a rubbish bin. 


“I won’t need this anymore. I’m a Whizzy™ Kid now!”

“Monty! What are you doing?” Monty’s grandad said as he came in from the bathroom. 

“Stop the video, Plonk,” said Monty. Plonk hit the stop button. “Aww, Grandad! We were filming me opening my new WhizzyWheeler™ to post on Monstagram.”

“Goodness. I’m very sorry for interrupting,” Grandad pushed his glasses up his furry grey-green nose. “But are you sure it’s a good idea to throw out your old wheel? You haven’t even tried the new one.”

“Grandad...this is a WhizzyWheeler™. It’s the best! You know I’ve been saving for months.”

“Yes, but still,” Grandad said. “Sometimes things are not what you think they’ll be.”

“Don’t worry, Grandad. I got this. Come on, Plonk. Let’s go test it out.” Monty fastened the new wheel onto his left leg. Then he and Plonk headed to the first floor corridor.

“Ok. You filming, Plonk? I’ll try the lowest gear first,” Monty said. He pushed the button on the small wrist-remote. 

Whoo-hoo!” Monty lifted his right foot and the WhizzyWheeler™ sent him zig-zagging down the corridor. He bumped into walls as he tried to balance. 

“Careful, Monty!” Plonk called. “That’s pretty fast!”

Plonk holds a camera filming Monty on his new wheel, Monty is going too fast.

“I’m fine...WHOA!” At that moment, Monty saw Ms Sourbaum and her daughter Pooky stepping out of their room. Monty wildly poked the stop button on his wrist-remote. “I can’t slow it down!” 


Monty slammed right into the yellow, feathery backside of Ms Sourbaum - who was carrying an armload of ShockMelon™ fizzy drink! 


Monty crashing into Ms Sourbaum. Drink cans flying everywhere.

The cans hit the wall and floor. Sweet soda sprayed everywhere! Ms Sourbaum’s feathers were soaked in sticky, sugary drink.

“Aaarrgh! Watch where you’re going, you dreadful child!” Ms Sourbaum shouted.

Young Pooky Sourbaum excitedly licked the fizzy drink off her mum’s feathers and the floor.

“S-so sorry, Ms Sourbaum. I’ll clean this up right away,” Monty said. His new wheel made a humming sound. 

“And I’ll make sure Pooky gets an extra slice of CherryChoogle after dinner tonight,” Monty said nervously. “Free of charge.”

Later, Monty and Plonk stood in the kitchen preparing dinner.  “I hate to say it. Maybe your grandad is right,” Plonk said, clicking his hamster teeth. “Maybe the WhizzyWheeler™ is kinda, I dunno...not what you thought it would be.”

“No way! We watched those adverts showing how great this thing is.” Monty stirred a batch of GreenGravy on the stove. “It just takes a minute to get used to it. I’ll prove it.” Monty set down the large spoon.

“Watch how smoothly I glide into the dining hall on my WhizzyWheeler™ while carrying this pot of GreenGravy.” 

“Oh, Monty,” Plonk said. “You gotta be kidding.”

“I’m not!” Monty smiled. “And make sure you film me doing it!”

“Ugh!” Monty lifted the vat of warm GreenGravy onto his shoulder. He held out the arm that had the wrist-remote.

“Go ahead, Plonk. Press speed number two for me.” 


Monty holds a bucket of green liquid on his shoulder. Plonk presses a button on Montys other wrist.

Plonk sighed and did as Monty said. The wheel hummed louder and made a funny fizzing sound. Then Monty zoomed out of the kitchen into the lobby. Focused on the camera screen, Plonk’s eyes lit up as he followed Monty. 

“Well, hey! You’re doing it! I guess you were right!”

Monty zipped through the lobby and showed off by doing an extra lap. Beatrice, the owly front desk clerk, looked up from her desk. Then...the scene played out in front of her as if in slow-motion. 

Monty zooms in a circle in front of Beatrice at her desk.

Monty zoomed straight towards someone who was bent over, tying his shoe. But it wasn’t just anyone. It was their warthog boss, Snort!

“Oh, my,” Beatrice said quietly to herself.

Monty kept zooming, carrying the heavy vat of GreenGravy on his shoulder. Snort had no idea what was coming behind him. Monty’s eyes got huge when he realised whose bottom he was speeding towards!

“Nnnnnoooooo...” Monty mouthed.  He continued to zoom toward his certain doom. He tried to push the wrist-buttons with his nose to make himself stop. But he went even faster!

“This will be it,” Monty thought. “Snort’s gonna kill me. Or toss me out of the inn.  I’m done for...”

But in a single motion, Beatrice reached under her desk and grabbed her thick dictionary. With her owl-foot, she slid the book swiftly in the direction of the soon-to-be terrible accident.

In the split-second before impact, the heavy book stopped in front of the WhizzyWheeler’s™ wheel. 


Monty flying in the air next to the balcony. Snort is bent down below.

The wheel hit the book. Monty - and the vat of GreenGravy - popped in the air. Monty flipped over Snort, then up and over the railing of the 2nd floor balcony that overlooked the lobby. 


Snort stood up, not seeing the mess. “What in blazes was that?” he asked.

“It’s just me, sir,” Monty peeked down over the balcony. “Just a bit clumsy today. I’ll be more careful.” 

Plonk scurried across the lobby with a mop and bucket. He said to Snort, “We’re gonna need another twenty minutes on that GreenGravy, sir.”

Plonk mopping up a green puddle.

“What have you been doing? We need that now!” Snort snorted. Plonk just stared back and grinned. 

Upstairs, Plonk and Monty quickly cleaned up the mess.

Grandad came around the corner. “I thought I heard a commotion. You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine, Grandad,” Monty said, scooping globs of GreenGravy into a bucket. “But I think I might regret—”

“Stop right there,” Grandad said, before Monty could finish his sentence. Then Grandad pulled something out from behind his back. It was Monty’s old leg-wheel. 

“Do you regret throwing this away?” Grandad asked. They all laughed. 

Grandad holding a wheel.

“I’ll finish cleaning this,” Grandad said. “You two go make more GreenGravy.”

“And then we’ll meet you back in your room,” said Plonk.

“Oh - why?” said Grandad.

“Because,” Plonk smiled with his big hamster teeth, “we have some very cool videos to watch!” 

The End

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Benefits of reading Monty - The WhizzyWheeler

This short story covers the friendship theme. The WhizzyWheeler is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Monty - The WhizzyWheeler

The main character in the Monty series is a young, green-furred monster called Monty. This is a fantasy story series set in a bed and breakfast.