Monty Episode 2 The Giant Who Didn't Fit In Animated Cover Cover
Monty Episode 2 The Giant Who Didn't Fit In Animated Cover Cover

The Giant Who Didn't Fit In

Monty, the green-furred boy monster, had just sat down to read in the comfy chair near the glowing fireplace in the lobby of the Gristling Inn, all-monster Bed & Breakfast. He startled when he heard a familiar, gruff voice.

“Monty! There’s no time to sit!” yelled Snort, Monty’s red and grey-furred, warthog-like boss. “A huge, famous guest is on his way in. Everything must be in tip-top shape. Understood? Famous people visiting are good for our hotel ratings!” 

“Yes sir, Snort sir. But everything is clean,” Monty said.  

“Then clean it again!” Snort snorted.

Monty sighed, stuffed his copy of Jack & the Beanstalk back into his apron pocket and scoot-stepped with his wheel and foot toward the mop closet. 

“No sense fussing. You know ol’ Snort is even worse when he’s nervous and trying to impress someone,” said Beatrice, the inn’s owlish, orange-feathered front desk clerk.

Monty holding a mop watching Beatrice who is sat at a desk typing.

But before any re-cleaning could begin, a large van pulled up outside the Gristling Inn. Snort appeared from the kitchen, his shock of warthoggy hair combed neatly. He wore a little bowtie and put on a big smile to meet the guests. The Inn workers followed Snort out to the driveway, where Snort greeted the van driver, a tusked walrus man in a black hat. 

“Welcome to the Gristling Inn! Monty, don't just stand there, get our guest’s bags.” 

The driver bowed, then walked to the rear of the van and unlatched the doors. Out tumbled two enormous suitcases. Then everyone gasped as a huge, white-furred beast wearing a crisp linen suit stepped out onto the gravel. There he stood, as tall as a double-decker bus, towering over everyone. They all recognized the giant. He was the famous television star of the show Mr. Furbody & Flea.

“A-ha. The GIANT celebrity is a celebrity GIANT! It’s Chet Yeti!” said Monty’s raspberry-coloured co-worker, Plonk. The big hamster-ish friend excitedly clicked his teeth.

“Yeah, I love his show.” Monty whispered.

Snort flashed a tusky grin as he tilted his head up to speak to the furry giant.

A large white furred giant in a white suit walking past snort.

“I do hope you’ll find everything quite to your liking, sir,”  Snort snorted. “If there’s anything extra you need, don't hesitate to ask.”

The giant crouched to enter the Gristling Inn’s front doorway then... *BONK!* He hit his large head on the beam above the door.

“Uuuurgh,” the giant grumbled. Chet Yeti could not get in the inn!

“Well! This...this is unacceptable!” Snort snorted, clearly flustered. He gave Monty a dirty look, as if it was somehow the boy monster’s fault the doorway was too small. “Monty, figure out a solution!”

“Um...” Monty rubbed his own furry green chin in thought. “How about if we lay him down on two luggage trolleys and wheel him in... longways?” Plonk and Beatrice quickly rolled two trolleys together so the giant could lie down onto them. 

But... *BONK!* Try as they may, his shoulders were too wide. He still did not fit in the doorway.

“What if we try it feet first?” said Plonk, nervously clicking his large hamster-y teeth. The Gristling Inn staff swivelled the giant around and...*BONK!* That didn't work either. 

Sideways...*THUMP!* Frontways...*WHUMP!* Knees first...*CRUNCH!*  Bum first...OH, MY! 

No way worked to get famous Chet Yeti through the doorway of the Gristling Inn.

“Uuuurgh,” Chet Yeti grumbled as his walrus-y driver frowned at the scene.

Monty and Plonk pushing the giants bottom into a small door.

“What’re we gonna do, Monty?” said Plonk.

Monty stood back and looked at the front of the old building for a moment, hoping for a solution. The dark, crooked wooden beams. The uneven glass of the second floor windows and their dark shutters. The oak tree with its branches touching the edge of the roof... 

“A-ha!” Monty said as his big, round eyes lit up.

“What’re we gonna do, Monty?” Plonk asked, chattering his teeth.

“Well... if we can’t get Mr. Yeti into the Inn,” Monty said, raising an eyebrow. “We'll at least get him onto the Inn!” 

Over the next hour, with every inn worker helping, they used ropes, pulleys, poles, levers and even the giant’s own van to hoist Chet Yeti up, up, up onto the rooftop and... *THUMP!* They finally got the giant all the way up. 

Monty sat at the top of a tree pulling up the giant in a pulley system.

Chet Yeti looked all around at the roof garden. The hedgerows were neatly trimmed with twinkly fairy lights. Two large beds were shoved together to form an even bigger sleeping spot. A nightstand was set up with a bowl of frosted KornKrinklers© and a pitcher of purple Zingaling© soda. They all waited for the famous giant’s response. 

“Uuuurgh.” The giant yawned and stretched, obviously quite tired and ready for a night’s sleep. Chet Yeti took one large step and sat onto the beds. 

Creeeeak... *CRUNCH!* The bed collapsed under his tremendous weight. Ol’ Snort blushed, then spoke to Monty in a whispery growl. 

“This was your bright idea. Fix this now or you’ll be fired, and you and your granddad will be looking for a new home tomorrow!” 

“Uuuurgh,” the giant moaned.

The walrus-y driver stood by as Monty led the Gristling Inn’s crew into action. They brought up every extra bedsheet, bedspread, pillow and towel from the inn to create a massive cushion, big enough for the giant.

Monty, Snort, Plonk and Beatrice running holding piles of pillows.

Monty re-straightened the flower vase on the nightstand.

“Uuuurgh,” grumbled Chet Yeti, finally plopping down on the new, larger cushion. 

The walrus-y driver spoke to everyone. “Mr. Yeti will now sleep for the night. We may all go.” 

The Gristling Inn workers headed back down the rooftop stairs. Monty, the last one to leave, was just about to put his wheel-foot on the top step when he heard a voice.  

“Hey, kid.” Chet Yeti, the giant, finally spoke words.

Monty paused, gulped and said, “Yes-s-sir?” 

“That was fun.” The giant smiled and continued speaking. “This place is lucky to have you. Remember that, no matter what your boss says.” 

Monty’s eyes lit up. “Wow, thank you. I will. Um, is there anything else you need, sir?” 

“Well...since you asked, it is a little scary up here alone. I could use...a bedtime story?” 

Monty sits next to the giant reading a book on the roof of the building.

Monty sat down near his new giant friend. He smiled a huge grin, pulled the book out of his apron and cleared his throat.

“Ahem.  There once was a boy named Jack who had these magic beans...” 

The End

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Benefits of reading Monty - The Giant Who Didn't Fit In

This short story covers the friendship theme. The Giant Who Didn't Fit In is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Monty - The Giant Who Didn't Fit In

The main character in the Monty series is a young, green-furred monster called Monty. This is a fantasy story series set in a bed and breakfast.