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Monty Episode 10 The Mysterious Crow-Monster Animated Cover

The Monty Short Story & Audiobook Series: Episode 10 - The Mysterious Crow-Monster

A new, mysterious character has shown up in the back garden of the gristling Inn. Is it scary, friendly? Or maybe a little bit of both.

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The Mysterious Crow-Monster

The rain streaked the window of room number nine at the Gristling Inn Bed & Breakfast. Inside the room, Monty held his pet flomble, Fuzz. He stroked her soft head while gazing out at the grey evening.

Monty looks out of the window. Outside the window is grey and rainy.

A large figure stomped through the back garden.

“Woah,” Monty paused his petting. “Who is that? They just knocked over the heavy stone birdbath,” Monty reported. Monty’s grandad shuffled over to the window to see. The creature in the garden was bear-sized. It had dark, purple feathers and a beak, just like a crow. Its feathers looked thick and furry.

A blue bird monster walks outside. Monty and Grandad are looking through the window.

“Maybe they’re a guest of the inn?” Grandad said.

“I don’t think so,” said Monty. Fuzz purred as Monty handed her to Grandad. “I’ll go down and ask Beatrice.” 

“Good idea, Monty,” said Grandad. “Whoever it is, seems like they might be up to no good.”

 Out in the corridor, Monty waited for the lift. “Hey, Plonk,” Monty said, as the lift doors opened. He squeezed inside with his big hamster-monster friend. Plonk was about to deliver a bowl of GreenGravy to room number four. 

“Did you happen to see a huge, purple crow-monster walking around?” Monty asked. 

“YES!” said Plonk, clicking his hamster teeth. “It was 

strange. I saw a big, furry creature going into the guest laundry room. Then I heard a loud thumping noise. But when I walked by and looked in, it was only a little sparrow-lady folding her knickers.” 

Monty and Plonk stepped out of the lift into the lobby. Beatrice, the orange, feathery receptionist, was knitting a long scarf.

“Hey, Beatrice,” said Monty. “Did a huge, purple crow-monster check into the inn recently?”

“I don’t believe so,” she said. “Let me see.” 

Beatrice flipped through the guest log. “Hmm. No. The only name from the last week is Mrs Wainwright. She checked into room number six yesterday. But...she’s very small and grey...not easily mistaken for a large, purple crow.” Beatrice looked over her glasses at the boys.

Beatrice reads at her desk. Monty and Plonk stand on the other side of the desk.

“Okay,” said Monty. Plonk went on his way. Monty scoot-stepped to the inn’s library. The small room with lots of books was one of Monty’s favourite places. He turned the corner...and nearly rolled his wheel right over someone. 

“Oh, my!” Monty was startled. “Excuse me. I didn't realise someone was standing—”

“No worries,” said the small, fluffy sparrow-lady in a high, sweet voice. She was reading one of the books from the shelf.

Monty rolls on his wheel out of control towards a little sparrow reading a book next to a book shelf.

“Oh, hello,” Monty said. “You must be...Mrs Wainwright?” 

The small bird-lady was much shorter than Monty. 

“Yes. I’m the new guest. I’m staying for a month.”

“Nice to meet you, ma’am. I’m Monty. I work here. I must have been busy when you checked in,” he said. “By the way, did you happen to see a big, purple crow-monster walking around the inn?” 

“Oh. Surely not,” Mrs Wainwright said as she bookmarked her page. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, someone knocked over the birdbath in the garden earlier and they seemed very large and maybe up to no good, but—” 

Monty realised this news might frighten Mrs Wainwright, so he started speaking with less worry in his voice. “I think it might have been a new garden worker. So...never mind. Sorry to worry you.”

“You’re a dear boy,” Mrs Wainwright smiled with her little beak.

“I love that book, by the way,” Monty said, pointing to her copy of The Great Pickle Mystery.

After work that evening, Monty and Plonk sat in the back garden. They drank ShockMelon™ soda and shared a bag of LicoriceLazer™ crisps. The evening sun reflected on the rear windows of the inn.

Monty and Plonk sit on an bench eating and drinking.

“I think little Mrs Wainwright looked worried when I talked to her earlier,” said Monty. “It’s a shame she became a guest at exactly the same time this crow-monster showed up.” 

*Thump* *Crash!*

“Look! That window just cracked from the inside,” said Plonk pointing to the inn.  

Monty counted the windows. “Two, four, number six! That’s Mrs Wainwright's room!” shouted Monty.

The boys rushed inside and went to room number six.

“Mrs Wainwright?” Monty tapped her door with his furry, green knuckles. Nobody answered. Monty put his ear to the door. His eyes went big.

“I hear a low grumble.” Monty said.

“Should we just go in?” Plonk said, nervously clicking his teeth. Monty tried to turn the doorknob. It was locked.

Monty knocked harder on the door.

*knock!* *knock!* *knock!* 

“Mrs Wainwright! Are you okay?” Monty shouted. They could still hear a deep voice inside room number six. It was getting louder. It sounded threatening.

“Maybe Mrs Wainwright is in trouble!” shouted Monty.

“Move out of the way, Monty!” Plonk said. He took a big step back. “I’m going to knock the door down.”

“We’ll save you, Mrs Wainwright!” Plonk called. He rushed forward. The moment before he slammed into the door, it opened! 

“Who’s th—” the room’s guest began to say. But Plonk had flown past Monty and right through the open doorway. 


Plonk lay on the carpet, looking up at a very large, purple and fuzzy crow-monster! 

“AHHHHHHHH!” Plonk and Monty screamed.

The blue crow arms are in the air. Plonk lies on the floor, Monty jumps with his eyes out.

“Goodness!” the large crow said in a low, raspy voice. “What’s all the fuss?!”

“What have you done with Mrs Wainwright?” Monty shouted from the doorway.

“Mrs Wainwright?” repeated the monster.

“What did you do with her?” shouted Monty. “I’m calling my boss. You won't want to mess with him!”

“Oh, hush!” said the purple crow-monster. It pulled Monty all the way into the room and closed the door.

”Don’t eat us!” Monty cowered.

“What? I’m not eating anyone,” the crow-monster said. “You’ve gotten yourselves all worked up over nothing. I’m Judy,” the big crow-monster said. “We’ve met before, you know.”

Monty looked confused.

“In the library,” Judy added. She closed her eyes and raised her large, purple wings. Then she began to sparkle.

 The huge crow-monster grew smaller and smaller...and turned grey! She fully changed into a tiny, grey sparrow-monster! Monty and Plonk’s mouths hung open.

Monty and Plonk look shocked at the small grey bird.

“You’'re a changewing!” Monty said. “I’ve only read about those. I wasn’t sure they really existed...until today! But why are you changing back and forth?”

“When I’m my big, purple self, I’m pretty clumsy,” Judy said. ”People think I’m trying to cause trouble.”

Monty and Plonk looked at each other. They felt ashamed. 

“Oh, gosh! Mrs, uh...Judy,” Monty said with sad eyes. “I’m so sorry. I saw you knock over the birdbath earlier and figured you were some type of scary monster.” 

“But Mrs Wainwright,” said Plonk. “You shouldn’t worry about being...big. Everyone tells me that it’s good to just be yourself.”

“That’s true. But, for changewings, we have TWO selves. So it can be tricky to find the balance between the two.”

“Well. I’m glad you’re here for a month,” Monty smiled. “It’ll be good to get to know both sides of you. And maybe we can even sit and have a chat about The Great Pickle Mystery.”

Monty shows the grey bird a book titles 'The Great Pickle Mystery'.

“Oh,” said Judy Wainwright in her sweet sparrow voice. “I would absolutely love that.”

The End

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Benefits of reading Monty - The Mysterious Crow-Monster

This short story covers the friendship theme. The Mysterious Crow-Monster is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Monty - The Mysterious Crow-Monster

The main character in the Monty series is a young, green-furred monster called Monty. This is a fantasy story series set in a bed and breakfast.