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Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Cover Cover

Flomble Alert

“One...two...three?” Monty counted. “Um, Grandad!?” The green, furry boy-monster called out from the secret room where they kept their pets.

“Yes, Monty?” Grandad replied.

“Only three of Fuzz’s six baby flombles are here.” 

“Three are missing? They must be around somewhere,” Grandad said from his bed in their small room at the Gristling Inn Bed & Breakfast. “Those lively little rascals always scurry around my feet.” 

Monty crawled around on the carpet, looking under furniture for the small, fluffy pets.

“Did you see them today?” Monty asked.

“Well, I’ve been napping since breakfast. Those PorridgePoppers™ made me quite sleepy.” 

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“Grandad!” Monty exclaimed when he saw the door of their room was open. “We agreed to keep the door closed since Fuzz had her babies!” 

“I’m terribly sorry, Monty. I’m still getting used to having the flombles around.”

Monty closed the door and scoot-stepped down the corridor. He turned the corner by the lift and...*OOMPH!* Monty fell face-first into magenta-coloured fur. He had bumped into his co-worker, Plonk.

Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Image 2

“Oh, hey Monty!” Plonk said.

”Plonk, I was just coming to find you! Remember those baby flombles I showed you last week?” 

“So cute and fluffy!” Plonk smiled and nodded. 

“Well, three of them got out and they must be running around the inn.” 

“Oh, nuts,” Plonk gulped. “If Snort sees them, he’ll—” 

“Don’t even finish that thought!” Monty interrupted. “We need a plan, fast. Can you search the banquet room? I’ll look in the kitchen.”

As if on cue, *AAAAAAGH!* A scream filled the corridor.

“That sounded like...” Monty started.

“Ms Sourbaum,” both monsters said at the same time. They rushed to room number five. 

Inside the room, a large, yellow penguin-lady stood on her bed. She wore a robe and pointed towards the bathroom. Her penguin-child clung to her leg.

Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Image 3

“I was reaching for the bath scrubber and, and...then it purred at me!” Ms Sourbaum screeched. “I will report this place to the Monster Health Department!” 

“I promise this won’t ever happen again,” Monty said, hoping he was telling the truth. He scooped the fluffy, pink flomble off the bathroom floor and put it in his apron pocket. 

Back in the corridor, Monty handed Plonk the small creature. “Here. Give this to my grandad, then meet me downstairs. I’ll start the search for the other two flombles.” 

“Yes, Monty!” Plonk trotted down the corridor towards Monty and Grandad’s room. 

After a couple hours of searching, Monty found flomble number two in the library. A large, furry rhino monster was just about to sit down with a book. Monty spotted the fluffy flomble on the chair just before the rhino sat on it. 

“Aaagh! Sir...noOO!” Monty shouted. He dove beneath the rhino’s large rear. *UUUUNGH!* 

There Monty lay, squished under the rhino’s bum. But his hand held out the rescued flomble from one side and Monty’s wheel-leg stuck out from the other side. 

Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Image 4

“Two down, one to go,” Monty's muffled voice said from beneath the rhino.

Later that evening, Monty and Plonk stood in the corridor. They had searched every nook and cranny of the Gristling Inn for the final flomble. “We‘ve looked everywhere,” said Monty. “Except one place.” They eyed the door to room number seven: Snort’s bedroom.

“Snort just brushed his tusks and is down in the kitchen for his glass of night-gravy,” reported Monty. “That means we’ve got about ninety seconds to check his room for the flomble. Plonk, go guard the lift.” Plonk shuffled away.

Monty opened Snort’s bedroom door and peeked in. Right away he saw the furry flomble scurry under Snort’s bed. “The flomble is in here!” 

Monty crawled under Snort’s bed. “It’s ok,” he said to the furry creature. “I’ve got you.” 

Just then, Monty heard something in the corridor outside. Then heavy hooves walked across the bedroom. Monty felt a body flop onto the bed above him. *GRUNT* It was Snort! The room went dark and Snort began to snore.

Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Image 5

Monty lay beneath Snort’s bed. It was very dusty under there. He held the little flomble close to his chest.  The mattress sagged under Snort’s weight just an inch from Monty’s nose. The dust was making his eyes water. He felt a sneeze coming. 

“No, no, no...ah, ah, AHH…” Monty managed to sneeze very quietly. 


 But...he accidentally gave the flomble a squeeze at the same time. 


“What in bristling blazes was that noise!?” Snort jolted up in bed and turned on his lamp. From underneath the bed, Monty saw a red-furred hoof touch on the floor.

“Oh, no, no, no,” Monty thought to himself. 

Then Snort’s upside-down head appeared. 

“MONTY!?” Snort shouted. He reached under the bed and pulled the boy-monster out by his wheel. Snort didn’t notice the flomble scurry beneath the chair in the corner. Monty felt his own skin hot beneath his green fur.

“Heh. Hi, sir. *gulp* I was, uh...I must have...fallen asleep...under the bed...while cleaning.” Monty said. He came out from under the bed. “I was so tired from cleaning all day. I— ” 

“Just get OUT of my room!” Snort blasted. “I ought to kick you and your grandad out of the inn!”  

Right then, Plonk opened Snort’s bedroom door and stepped in. He hid something behind his back.

“WHAT? You too, Plonk!? Have you all gone mad?” Snort erupted. 

“Hello. Sorry. I forgot my duster in here.” Plonk said. He and Monty both eyed the flomble beneath the chair behind Snort. 

“Dusting. Yeah...” Monty said, “I— I was using my body to, uh...dust under the beds today, see? I’m finished now!” 

Monty pulled dust from his fur to show Snort. With Snort distracted, Plonk crept toward the chair and reached down for the flomble with a long pair of tongs. Snort’s nostrils flared and he turned his head towards Plonk. 

Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Image 6

“Missed a spot here,” Plonk said, as he dusted the frame of a painting. Monty recognised the flomble at the end of Plonk's long tongs.

“Just...get OUT!” Snort howled. 

“Yes. So sorry. We’ll go now. Good night, sir! H-Have a nice sleep,” Monty stammered.

After Snort slammed the door, the boys said “goodnight” to each other. 

Monty brought the final flomble back to its drawer in the secret room. It purred, now safe with its mum and five siblings. 

“Seems like they’re outgrowing the drawer,” Grandad said. 

“So, how about tomorrow,” he held up a drawing, “we build ...a flomble house?” 

Monty Episode 5 Flomble Alert Image 7

The End

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