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Weirdlife Episode 10 The Razzmatazzmanian Numbat Animated Cover

The Weirdlife Story Series: Episode 10 - The Razzmatazzmanian Numbat

These numbats have a unique way of escaping predators. They put on a show! But will it have enough pizazz to bamboozle a hungry lion?

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The Razzmatazzmanian Numbat

Ba-DEE-buh-BA-ba… Yeah!”

This is the jazzy call of the razzmatazzmanian numbat.

Ba-DEE-buh-BA-ba… Yeah!”

Resembling a small anteater, the numbat likes to eat termites. But lions like to eat numbats. In fact, in this part of Australia, razzmatazzmanian numbats are the favourite food of the rare Australian lion. Fortunately for numbats, lions find it almost impossible to catch them. Is it because numbats can outrun the lions? No, numbats are rather poor runners. Are numbats good at hiding from lions? Do they blend in with their surroundings?

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