Aesop's Fables The Fox And The Grapes Cover

The Fox And The Grapes

Aesop’s Fable    4-7 yrs    4 mins  •  5/5

Sit back, relax and enjoy our modern retelling of Aesop’s Fable The Fox And The Grapes. Masterfully created by Sooper Books, the World’s No.1 Bedtime stories website. Or read our full collection of free bookshop-quality bedtime stories.

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The Fox And The Grapes

One fine and sunny day a fox was strolling along minding his own foxy business.

He thought he might sit down under a shady tree and have some lunch, as he was a bit thirsty and hungry.

Then he realised he’d left his lovely packed lunch at home.

“Oh, you foolish fox!” he said to himself.

But just then he looked up and what should he see but the most delicious-looking bunch of purple grapes he’d ever seen in his whole foxy life.

The Fox And The Grapes Aesop's Fable Children's Story Fox Reaching For Grapes

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