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The Unicow licks their lips next to Sophia drinking a milkshake

The Unicow Story

Sophia had just promised her parents that she wouldn’t bring any more animals into the flat. And then a unicow shows up in her bathroom! And it needs help!

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The Unicow

Sophia was in her bedroom, listening to the chirping of her pet grasshoppers. Then she heard her mum shout up the stairs. “Sophia! There’s a turtle on the dining room table! And a box of mice!”

“Oh no,” Sophia said to herself. “I forgot to bring them back to my bedroom!”

She heard her dad say sternly, “Come downstairs right now, young lady!”

For the past several months, Sophia’s parents had found a new animal in their house nearly every week. In just one of the weeks, Sophia brought in two stray dogs, three abandoned cats, a few toads, a dozen mice and one crow. 

Mum and dad stand with their arms folded, next to the family table. Around the table there are ten animals. Sophia is in the background behind the dining room, half way up the stairs watching.

Her parents hadn’t let her keep any of the creatures.

They even made her shut down her insect zoo!

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