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The Junkyard Story Series: Episode 9 - A Heart-Racing Story Animated Cover

The Junkyard Story Series: Episode 9 - A Heart-Racing Story

After the discovery of a mysterious letter, Joe and Mike are racing against the clock to save the lives of all of their mechanical friends.

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A Heart-Racing Story

Ten-year-old mates Joe Sakana and Mike Himmel watched the action in the Himmel-family junkyard with satisfaction. Tonk and Rusty were racing each other on an obstacle course, ducking through a tunnel made of tyres and scrambling over broken sofas. El Capitan, the robot turtle made from an old Spanish sports car, was teaching flamenco dancing to Ms Ratchet and Mayor Crick. Snappy, the robot alligator, stood next to Joe and Mike and sighed contentedly.

“Our little village is really shaping up,” Snappy said. “I can’t wait for the rest of the animals to join us.”

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