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The Junkyard Story Series: Episode 10 - The Makeover Machine Animated Cover

The Junkyard Story Series: Episode 10 - The Makeover Machine

Snappy has built a new machine to improve life in the junkyard. But when it turns the animals against each other, Joe has to make a daring sacrifice.

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The Makeover Machine

With hands on their hips, Joe and Mike surveyed the junkyard. The six animal sculptures they brought to life by means of mysterious electric hearts were all looking happy, if a bit scruffy, from their adventures. And Rusty the dog was looking rustier than ever.

“They had a great summer, that’s for sure,” said Mike.

Joe brushed the hair from his eyes and said, “Yeah. I can’t believe school starts again tomorrow. How are we gonna keep an eye on them?”

Joe and Mike watching the sculptures play around them.

“I’m not worried,” said Mike. “They can take care of themselves until after school. I’m more worried about passing Ms Cramden’s maths class.”

Joe brushed the hair out of his eyes again. “Well, I’m more worried about the haircut my mom’s got planned for me tonight. It never ends up looking right.”

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