One Two Buckle My Shoe

One, two,

Buckle my shoe;

A girl sat on a stool, buckling up her shoe.

Three, four,

Knock at the door;

A hand knocking on a wooden door.

Five, six,

Pick up sticks;

A hand with a fist full of brown sticks.

Seven, eight,

Lay them straight:

Brown sticks all laying straight next to each in the grass.

Nine, ten,

A big fat hen;

A fat hen eating a doughnut.

Eleven, twelve,

Dig and delve;

A mole poking out of a hole on the ground, wearing a orange miners helmet.

Thirteen, fourteen,

Maids a-courting;

A maid toasting wine glasses with a man. Love hearts float between them.

Fifteen, sixteen,

Maids in the kitchen;

The maid stirring a large pot which is hoovering above a wood fire.

Seventeen, eighteen,

Maids a-waiting

The maid walking along holding a tray with a large cooked chicken on.

Nineteen, twenty,

My plate’s empty

An empty plate.

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