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Sooper Books The Dog, The Rooster And The Fox Bedtime Story Cover Cover

The Dog, The Rooster And The Fox

Once upon a time there was a dog and a rooster and, believe it or not, they were the very best of friends. They were talking one day and decided they would like to see a bit more of the world. So they thought that it would be a great idea to leave the farmyard where they both lived and head off down the road that led to the woods. The two friends were so happy and excited as they set off on their journey.

They had walked along all day and by the time the sun had set they were both pretty tired. They decided it was time to get some sleep. The rooster spotted an old hollow tree and he thought that would suit them both very well. He could fly up to a branch to roost, while his friend the dog could curl up on the ground inside the hollow. They both agreed that this was a wonderful arrangement and they both slept the night through.

First thing in the morning, when the sun rose in the sky, the rooster woke up suddenly and he was a bit confused. Now, it was the rooster’s job to crow loudly every morning to remind people to wake up. But, for a moment, he forgot that he wasn’t in the farmyard. So, he stood up where he had perched for the night, took a big breath and crowed as loudly as he could.

But instead of waking up the farmer and his family, he woke up a fox who had been sleeping in the woods nearby. As soon as he heard the rooster, the fox thought, “Rooster for breakfast, yum, yum.” 

Now, foxes can be crafty creatures and this one thought up a plan to get the rooster down from his perch. He trotted over to the hollow tree and said in his politest voice, "Welcome to our woods, sir. I am so very happy to see you here. Do you know, I think that you and I could become the very best of friends.”

Now, his friend the dog had told the rooster about how crafty and sly foxes could be. So, the rooster replied, "Dear fox, I’d be delighted to be your friend, how kind of you. Please just go around to the door of my house at the foot of this old hollow tree, and my rooster servant will let you in."

The hungry fox couldn’t believe his luck – two roosters for the price of one! So he went around the tree just as he was told. But the dog was waiting for him and instantly jumped up growling and barking as loudly as he could. This gave the fox the fright of his life and he ran off terrified back into the woods.

And the moral of that story is; people who are nasty to others should not expect to be treated nicely in return.

The End

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