Dink And Donk Episode 7 Follow That Narwhal Animated Cover Cover
Dink And Donk Episode 7 Follow That Narwhal Animated Cover Cover

Follow That Narwhal!

Flurries of snow were gently falling from the sky when...*POP!*

Dink’s BubbleBus suddenly appeared, right in front of a moose named Donk. Dink was happy to see her friend Donk again. But soon she began to think that Donk was acting rather strangely. 

Dink And Donk have their hands to their faces.

When Dink asked cheerfully, “What shall we do today?” Donk sighed an enormous sigh. 

“Ohhh, I dunno,” Donk replied. 

When Dink proposed they go exploring the tall hills, Donk cleared his throat and mumbled something that sounded like, “Ahem, aHEM-hem! Ohh boy, did I mess up. Yup yup yup. A-hem.” 

Finally, Dink asked Donk if there was something wrong. Donk said, “Of course not!” in a squeaky and not-very-persuasive voice. 

Dink shrugged and said, “Oh, by the way – remind me before I go back to Husharoon to get the InstaClothes wand back from you.”

Donk collapsed to the ground. He wept and wailed like only a moose can.

“What’s wrong?” asked Dink. “Why are you blubbering?”

Donk couldn’t answer. He was too busy feeling sorry for himself.

“Donk,” said Dink, “you’re being silly.”

“You’re right,” sniffled Donk. “I guess it’s time to tell you the truth.”

And then it all came out – the story of how Donk lost the InstaClothes wand. 

“Remember how you brought the wand to dress me so I could get into the cinema?” Donk asked. Dink nodded. “And then you forgot to bring the wand back with you to Husharoon?” Dink nodded again. 

Donk continued his story. He said he knew he should put the InstaClothes wand some place safe until Dink returned. But Donk also knew how much fun it was to play with the wand.

Donk has a sparkly wand in his mouth and is wearing shining silver armour and helmet.

So he took it out, imagined what outfit he wanted to wear and...*POOF!* He was suddenly dressed in pyjamas and a bathrobe. Then...*POOF!* He was dressed like a mediaeval knight in shining armour. Then...*POOF!* He was dressed like—

Donk!” said Dink, “get on with the story. Where’s the wand now?”

“Oh, sorry. Yes,” said Donk. “I’m getting to that.”

Donk continued. After he had tried on several outfits, the wand began putting clothes on Donk randomly. He didn’t even have to imagine what he wanted to wear.

“Oh dear,” said Dink. “It sounds like you accidentally flicked the ‘Automatic Outfit’ switch.”

Well,” said Donk, “soon after that, I was standing over by the frozen sea. And I guess I was careless about where I was pointing the wand...”

“Oh dear,” said Dink.

“...and I didn’t realise that, just then, a sea creature was rising up to get some air.”

“Which sea creature?”

“A narwhal,” said Donk.

“What’s a narwhal?”

Donk explained, ”It’s a small whale that looks like a large, black-and-white speckled seal. But it has a tusk – a long, skinny pointed tooth – coming out of the top of its head!”

“Wowza!” said Dink. “That must be quite a sight!”

“Oh, it is!” said Donk. “The only thing more of a sight is a narwhal dressed in a three-piece suit!”

“Oh no,” said Dink.

“Oh, yes,” said Donk. “I accidentally dressed a narwhal.”

Donk is standing with the sparkly wand in his mouth. A narwhal in a pink suit leans up on the ice.

Donk explained how he hurried over to the narwhal to try to get the clothes off. He managed to pull off the jacket. But then he almost dropped the InstaClothes wand. So he put the wand in a pocket on the narwhal’s back for safekeeping. Then he worked on getting the rest of the clothes off of the narwhal. When Donk caught sight of Tom the musk ox, he turned to call out to him for help.

But when Donk turned back around, the narwhal was gone! And so was the InstaClothes wand. Also, it was still wearing half of a suit.

“We absolutely have to get that wand back,” said Dink. She admitted she wasn’t really supposed to bring the wand to Earth in the first place. She needed to bring it back home before her five parents found out it was missing.

“But that’s impossible!” said Donk in despair. “How are we going to find the narwhal? It’s probably swimming to the Arctic Circle by now.”

Dink climbed onto Donk’s back. “Take me to the frozen sea,” she said.

So Donk brought her to the place where he accidentally put clothes on the narwhal. Dink looked out to sea. She saw lots of ice broken into chunks. But then Dink saw something else in the distance. Something rather curious. She saw a polar bear...in a tutu.

Dink And Donk watch a polar bear in a orange tutu and a seal in a black top hat.

“Donk, do you see what I’m seeing?”

Not only did Donk see a polar bear in a tutu, he also saw a seal...in a top hat.

Dink’s eyes lit up.

“Donk! The wand is still in automatic mode! That means every time the narwhal comes up for air, the wand puts clothes on any animal nearby!”

Donk was sad. “It means my mistake just gets worse and worse.”

“No, silly,” said Dink. “It means we’ll be able to follow the narwhal! We just need to keep finding animals in clothes!”

“Well, let’s hurry then!” said Donk. Dink climbed on his back and away they went.

 Donk galloped over the ice at full speed. They passed a weasel in a tuxedo, two walruses in sparkly dresses and an arctic fox wearing an anorak and trainers.

A weasel is wearing a black tuxedo. A white arctic fox is wearing a green anorak with red trainers. One walrus is wearing a red sparkly dress and the other is wearing a blue sparkly dress.

“Look at this,” said Donk. He stopped in front of a large stick on the ice. It was an ancient harpoon, used for hunting whales. Donk picked it up in his mouth.

“Oh, Donk,” said Dink. “I hope you’re not thinking of hurting the narwhal.”

“No,” said Donk. “But if we find it, we’ll need this.”

Dink shrugged. “Okay.  If you say so,” she said.

Donk and Dink continued a bit further.  They saw a bearded seal dressed in a Roman toga. Then they caught sight of something  long and pointy coming out of the water. It was the narwhal, rising to the surface!

Donk told Dink that a narwhal likes to compare its tusk length to other narwhals’ tusks. But a narwhal’s eyesight isn’t very good.

“So if I gallop in front of it,” explained Donk, “ it might think this harpoon is another tusk! Then I can distract it.”

Donk’s plan worked. He held one end of the harpoon in his mouth. As soon as the narwhal noticed the harpoon, it knocked its own tusk against it, like it was sword fighting. 

Dink is sat on the back of the narwhal. The Narwhals tusk is hitting a harpoon held in Donks mouth.

While Donk was busy with the narwhal, Dink crept up to it and slipped the InstaClothes wand out of the suit pocket. She then pointed the wand at the narwhal and...*POOF!* It was naked again, as nature intended. Looking happy, the narwhal leapt up before disappearing under the waves. On their way back to shore, Dink and Donk tracked down every animal with clothes and used the InstaClothes wand to undress them. All the animals looked pleased to be naked again, (except for a muskrat who liked wearing a bowtie.) 

A brown muskrat wearing an orange and white polka dot bowtie winking. and holding a thumbs up.

Back at the glowing BubbleBus, Donk apologised again.“I promise I’ll take better care of other people’s things in the future.”

Dink gave her friend a big hug. Then she stepped into the bubble, made sure she was holding the InstaClothes wand, and...*POP!* She was gone.

The End

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Benefits of reading Dink & Donk - Follow That Narwhal!

This short story covers themes of friendship, magic, responsibility and trust. This story can be read to kids in their early ages and is a great way to start a bedtime routine. It can also be read by children themselves. We recommend children with a reading age of 3 - 5 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Dink & Donk - Follow That Narwhal!?

The main character in the Dink & Donk series is an alien called Sarafina Dinkle also known as Dink. In this fantasy story set on the planet of Husharoon and Earth, Dink and her best friend Donk, a moose from earth, have many adventures together. In episode 7 animal characters include an arctic fox, moose, muskrat, narwhal, polar bear, seal, walrus and a weasel.