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Dink And Donk Episode 7 Follow That Narwhal Animated Cover

Dink And Donk Story Series: Episode 7 - Follow that Narwhal!

How did Donk accidentally attach Dink’s InstaClothes wand to a narwhal? Dink learns the answer. Now the question is: How does she get the wand back?

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Follow That Narwhal!

Flurries of snow were gently falling from the sky when...*POP!*

Dink’s BubbleBus suddenly appeared, right in front of a moose named Donk. Dink was happy to see her friend Donk again. But soon she began to think that Donk was acting rather strangely. 

Dink And Donk have their hands to their faces.

When Dink asked cheerfully, “What shall we do today?” Donk sighed an enormous sigh. 

“Ohhh, I dunno,” Donk replied. 

When Dink proposed they go exploring the tall hills, Donk cleared his throat and mumbled something that sounded like, “Ahem, aHEM-hem! Ohh boy, did I mess up. Yup yup yup. A-hem.” 

Finally, Dink asked Donk if there was something wrong.

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Benefits of reading Dink & Donk - Follow That Narwhal!

This short story covers themes of friendship, magic, responsibility and trust. This story can be read to kids in their early ages and is a great way to start a bedtime routine. It can also be read by children themselves. We recommend children with a reading age of 3 - 5 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Dink & Donk - Follow That Narwhal!?

The main character in the Dink & Donk series is an alien called Sarafina Dinkle also known as Dink. In this fantasy story set on the planet of Husharoon and Earth, Dink and her best friend Donk, a moose from earth, have many adventures together. In episode 7 animal characters include an arctic fox, moose, muskrat, narwhal, polar bear, seal, walrus and a weasel.