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Go Nuts Episode 2 Operation Ivory Tickle Animated Cover

Go Nuts Story Series: Episode 2 - Operation Ivory Tickle

C.R.A.B.? A secret message? A music concert? Win gets a special power to find out how these things are related. But will he find out in time?!

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Operation Ivory Tickle


Win Partridge called out the notes of the song as he played them slowly on the piano. He was supposed to practise for fifteen minutes each day. But his dad wouldn’t be home for another two hours, so Win thought maybe he could stop now and do the rest later. He wasn’t good at reading music yet and he was even worse at finding the notes on the keyboard.

Win sits at a keyboard in front of a big window.

“That’s why I don’t enjoy practising,” Win told his dad yesterday.

“Well,” said his dad with a grin, “I know how to solve that: by practising.”

Win knew his dad was right.

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Benefits of reading Go Nuts - Operation Ivory Tickle

This short story covers the quest theme. Operation Ivory Tickle is written and narrated in the third person. This story portrays a father-son relationship. We recommend children with a reading age of 3 - 7 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Go Nuts - Operation Ivory Tickle?

The main character in the Go Nuts series is seven-year-old Win Partridge. This is a fantasy story set in London. In episode 2 characters include a musician, neighbour, talking tree, horse and a squirrel.