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Go Nuts Episode 3 Operation Diamond Dance Animated Cover

Go Nuts Story Series: Episode 3 - Operation Diamond Dance

Win thinks dancing “The Funky Chicken” will prevent a diamond heist. After figuring out his error, he’s assisted by surprising helpers.

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Operation Diamond Dance

Waiting for his Dad to come home from work, Win Partridge sat on his bed listening to the radio while reading a book about birds.

Win sits on his bed reading a book.  A radio plays on a shelf next to the bed.

“Birds have no teeth,” Win read. “So they grind their food with the help of stones in their stomach.”

Win stopped reading to consider this fact. But because the music on the radio had a funky beat...

*Thumpa, Thumpa, Thumpa-Womp!*

...he found himself hopping out of bed and wiggling his hips. He started chanting, “Birds, yeah, have no teeth! Birds, birds have no teeth!”

A few minutes of this went by before Win heard the voice of an older woman trying to get his attention.

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Benefits of reading Go Nuts - Operation Diamond Dance

This short story covers themes of greed, problem solving and quest. Operation Diamond Dance is written and narrated in the third person. This story portrays a father-son relationship. We recommend children with a reading age of 3 - 7 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Go Nuts - Operation Diamond Dance?

The main character in the Go Nuts series is seven-year-old Win Partridge. This is a fantasy story set in London. In episode 3 characters include a guard, thief, talking tree, birds, chicken, crow, goose, hawk, ostrich, peacock and a turkey.