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The Rooster And The Fox Cover

The Rooster And The Fox

One evening, long, long ago the sun was setting and it was the time that most birds fly to their roosts for the night. A wise old rooster flew up to his perch in a tree to get ready for sleep.

Suddenly, his sharp eyes caught a flash of red, a glimpse of a long pointed nose and a white-tipped tail. There, at the foot of the tree stood a fox.

"Surely, you’ve heard the wonderful news?" cried the fox all excited.

"News, what news?" asked the rooster, who was a bit nervous as he had always been afraid of the fox.

The fox replied, "There has been a big meeting of all the animals and everyone has agreed to live as friends in peace and harmony from now on. Can you imagine? I’m so happy that all I want to do is to give you a great big hug!"

"Gosh, that’s amazing news!" said the rooster, “the best news ever." Then the rooster stretched up on tiptoes and looked far across the treetops as if he had seen something way off in the distance. 

“Hold on, I think I can see something,” said the rooster. 

"What? What is it?" asked the fox, who had got a bit worried. 

"This is amazing, I think I can see a few great big dogs coming towards us. They will have heard the good news, I expect and…."

But the fox did not wait to hear anything else and ran off as fast as he could.

"Wait a minute," cried the rooster. "Why are you running off? The dogs are friends of yours now!"

"Er, yes," replied the fox, "but, you know it is just possible that they might not have heard the news. Anyway, I’ve just remembered I have a very important job that I must do at home. Bye!"

The rooster gave a great big smile, as he knew that he had tricked a very crafty enemy. So, he hopped back on his perch and went happily to sleep.

And the moral of that story is that it isn’t nice to play tricks on people, as it might not turn out well for you.

The End

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