Weirdlife Story Series: Dragons' Den Teaser Episode

As I enter their murky den, a giant of a dragon towers before me, wearing what can only be described as quite overpowering socks. Breathtaking!

A green dragon wearing a pink tie and colourful stripey socks. He is holding an orange bear under his arm.

And there, a commanding dragon is busy sharpening her claws, ready to attack her next meal.

A green dragon with pink wings and bright red nails, filing her nails.

This third dragon has clearly fought his way into this den at an early age—a real ground breaker.

A green dragon jumping in the air and breathing fire. He is wearing orange headphones.

Ahh look—a majestic dragon in a peaceful slumber, dreaming sweetly about whether it’s worth getting up for one percent.

A green dragon wearing a blue and white stripey sleep cap, cuddling a bear. He has his eyes closed and is snoring smoke out of his nostrils.

Oh look—a motherly dragon bedding her two ferocious looking dragonlets down for the evening. It's working, yes! This mum appears to be using a magical device packed full of her little beast's favourite bedtime stories…very crafty indeed!

A green dragon with purple horns with two little purple dragons sat on her lap. She is holding up a phone for them full of stories.
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