Dragons' Den: The Rhyming Pitch

Our question, once upon a time,

Was can kids stories be sublime,

And free, and instant, zero stress,

The answer, it turns out.. is yes.

Hello Dragons. I’m Charlene.

Simon, here, and I have been,

Transforming how the market looks, 

With our new startup, Sooper Books.

We offer bookshop-quality,

But here’s the thing, we do it free,

So families can use our site,

At any time of day or night.

Our daughter was our inspiration,

Then came lockdown on the nation,

The schools were shut which made things tough,

Families, teachers had it rough,

And so to help and add some glee, 

We gave the schools our stories free!

And then one day Simon said, “Oh wow,

We’re number one on Google now!”

But while the story side was neat,

We really couldn’t make ends meet,

We tried so hard to keep it free,

But had to introduce a fee,

Then quickly went upon a quest,

To find some people who’d invest.

Fast-forward and we found some backing,

Grew a team and got things cracking,

Since then we’ve grown which is great news,

We’re up to fourteen million views,

So now that we are growing fast,

We’d love a dragon’s help to cast,

A spell and earn from big Blue Chips,

With licensing and sponsorships.

So one percent we offer round,

For just one single british pound,

To help the nation’s kids stand tall,

With our free Sooper Books for all.

Read and listen to our short Dragons’ Den teaser episode here, which is based on one of our original series Weirdlife - a nature mockumentary.

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