The Selfish Giant Audiobook Story Cover

The Selfish Giant Audiobook Story

Why does a selfish giant want to keep a beautiful garden all to himself? And can anything change his mind? This fairy tale is all about the importance of generosity and selflessness. The giant faces harsh consequences for excluding children from his garden and learns the error of his ways. Our retelling explores themes of kindness, love and sharing, making it the perfect fairy tale for young children. The original fairy tale was written by Oscar Wilde and published as part of his collection of fairy tales ‘The Happy Prince and Other Tales’ in 1888.

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Can you read this story for free?

Yes! You can read this modern retelling for free. Our story retellings closely follow the original storylines and add modern twists in the illustrations.

Is there a version of The Selfish Giant read aloud?

You can choose to experience this story read aloud or you can read it yourself.