[Rhyme] What are you having for lunch today?

What are you having for lunch today? 🦐

So what is it about the prawn,

That gives a sandwich so much brawn,

And jumps it up the lunchtime chart,

And into this fine nation’s heart?

And may I please just stop to praise,

Whoever added mayonnaise,

This was, without a single doubt,

An utterly triumphant shout,

And, as inventions go, it FAR,

Exceeds the modern motor car,

Or wheels or electricity,

Prawn mayo wins hands down for me.

It fuels the nation’s hungry tums,

And satisfies ‘til nighttime comes,

And what else, tell me, lets you dine,

For only one pound fifty nine,

And makes you feel a little posh,

While munching on your lunchtime nosh?

That’s if, of course, you choose to go,

To lidl, aldi or Tesco,

But if you go to M&S,

Expect to pay four quid (no less).

And if you’re local is Waitrose,

Just guess the price (who frankly knows). 

Oh look, it's time for lunch. Hooray!

Three guesses what I’ll pick today,

The sandwich on my mind since dawn,

Oh, flip a duck.... they’re out of prawn!

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