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Get kids Reading is a literacy campaign helping modern parents understand the importance of reading for a child’s brain development and attainment in the modern world.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness around the dangers of social media for our children’s literacy and to give parents access to high quality self-help resources to start (and keep boosting) their children’s reading ability.

Section 1: The Problem

Heavy social media use is impacting on the literacy of our children.

And this isn’t just hearsay.

A recent landmark study by University College London (UCL), came to this conclusion based on researching 11,000 children’s social media consumption.

According to Professor Yvonne Kelly, director of UCL’s International Centre for Lifecourse Studies, the findings suggested a definitive link between “the amount of time young people spend on social media and their levels of literacy”.

In fact, the results appeared so conclusive that Dr Kelly feels it is time for policy makers to start looking at Government intervention to restrict daily social media use.

Research from UCL and The Institute for Social And Economic Research (IESR) have also found links between heavy social media use and increased levels of depression, lack of sleep, increased risk of cyber-bullying and low self-esteem in our children.

Section 2: So What?

Literacy is our ability to read and write.

According to this article by Harvard Medical School, “a number of brain regions are involved in reading… that help the brain learn and function.”

So reading—innocuous as it may seem—has a direct impact on our child’s ability to learn effectively, study optimally, pass exams and ultimately open up career opportunities that will lead them to a happy and prosperous life.

Furthermore, in developing a passion for reading early, we can help to steer our children away from the mental health challenges of excessive social media consumption towards a happier, more fulfilled childhood.

Section 3: What Now?

Social media is here to stay. Nothing will change that.

So we—as parents—need a smart and simple way to help spark (and maintain) our children’s interest in reading.

That is where Sooper Books and our trusted partners comes in.

Here at Sooper Books we’ve created a free online children’s library to help bridge the gap between our children’s fascination with technology and our need to get them reading. A fast-growing selection of lovingly crafted, contemporary, award-winning short children’s stories for the busy, modern family. To be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. And without spending a single penny of your hard-earned cash.

That’s not all.

We’ve also partnered with likeminded teachers, homeschoolers and recognised parenting bloggers/influencers to bring you some of the best free tips, advice and resources you’ll find anywhere on the web.

Think of it as the ultimate guide to help your kids love reading…

Section 4: Helpful Resources

Julia Wilde from Seeker presents a great short video on the science of learning to read.

Prof. Stanislas Dehaene talks in detail about the neuroscience behind how the brain learns to read.

Featured on CBeebies and the iPlayer. An excellent resource for early reading and spelling with phonics.

This video by Oxford Education is an excellent introduction to phonics for parents.

This is an excellent practical guide to teaching your child phonics by education specialists Learning Mole.

An excellent short video by Sunflower Education going through each of the 42 phonic sounds.

This practical guide by Mumsnet is a must-read for any families about to embark on their learning to read journey.

Smart and practical parent-savvy tips for families struggling to get their children into reading.

This forum discussion is full of real-life practical advice from parents just like you. Definitely worth a read.

Research shows that reading aloud to children after age 5 can improve their chances of academic success.

This extremely informative piece looking at how a mother successfully instilled a love of reading in her child.

For older children, but nonetheless critical to consider. The sooner we can get our children social media savvy the better.

Section 5: Free Children's Stories...

Spark your child's love of reading with our fast-growing collection of free award-winning online children's stories...

Section 6: Supported By...

The “Get Kids Reading” campaign is proudly supported by Councils, Teachers, Homeschoolers, Parents and Bloggers all over the world…

Section 7: Join The Campaign

Help to raise awareness among families around the world by joining our campaign.

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