What is Read for Good?

Read for Good is a charity encouraging children to love reading. Children who read for pleasure are more likely to do well in school, have better-paying jobs and have better health and well-being. For children living in poverty or at risk of adverse childhood experiences, reading can be a literal escape route: offering both immediate relief and alternative pathways in life. A disadvantaged child who reads will outperform an advantaged child who doesn’t.

What is Sooper Books?

Sooper Books is a childrens’ digital library packed full of original stories and rhymes as well as classic retellings and nursery rhymes. They are a double Emmy® winning, Grammy® nominated, critically acclaimed team of creative minds (who are also parents).

Why are these stories free?

Read for Good and Sooper Books have joined forces to give kids unlimited access to stories. We want to make it easier for kids to read for pleasure because research shows this not only has a significant influence on a child's academic performance but personal growth too.

The Department for Education’s review of reading for pleasure among primary and secondary aged children concluded that there are nine main benefits of reading for pleasure;

  • Reading and writing ability
  • Text comprehension and grammar
  • Breadth of vocabulary
  • Positive reading attitudes
  • Greater self-confidence as a reader
  • Pleasure in reading in later life
  • General knowledge
  • A better understanding of other cultures
  • Increased community participation and a greater insight into human nature and decision-making.